On-Site Event Apparel

Match Play Ink is proud to help events with all of their apparel printing needs. Located in Rochester, NY, we have the ability to come to events and print your event shirts on site. How do we do this? We go to your event with many different types of blank apparel, including t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, and more along with screen printed transfer of your event logo. We also have many other generic events and sports-related designs that attendees can have printed on blank apparel as well. Prior to your event, we open up an online store for the event-specific apparel and the attendees can pick up their clothing when they get there. The best part is that we give the event a percentage of the sales!

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Simply put, we offer quality products and services at a great price with a quick turnaround. Plus, we ship anywhere — even internationally! Please contact us today at 585-413-1228.